5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Life Right Now

It is January! Holy cow! Where did the last full year go??? I mean, it’s like I blinked and it was over. But I guess it’s time to move on right?

So… whether you have set any new years resolutions or not, everyone wants to have their life decluttered. I know for me, my OCD doesn’t like clutter, but no matter what I do, it seems to happen. Especially right now with our renovation going on, and believe it or not, living in a 430 sq. ft. RV doesn’t help the clutter as much as we hoped it would.

Why am I rambling? Because I am overwhelmed by the daunting task of starting to declutter our home. Seriously…. let me show you my office area right this minute. Mind you, we are in the midst of a renovation, so there are tools and stuff that are not normally there. BUT you will see the clutter I am talking about.

Yes… that is a MESS! Paint cans, boxes, a vacuum, my new cricut machine just in the middle of my desk…. oh and my desk, I can’t even think about that right now. Driving me insane. With the incredible overwhelming feeling of failure if I don’t clean it up.

So, why am I writing this post on decluttering your life when I can’t seem to get it together on my own? Because you have to start somewhere. My start may not be this daunting task, but I am starting, and I will work my way up to this.

The 5 easy things I will be doing today, and you can do today to start to declutter your life are here.

  1. Delete Apps on Your Phone– We all have those apps that we download with the intention of using and then days, weeks, and months go by and we don’t use it. This may not seem like a big deal, but take 2-5 minutes and go through your apps and see what you don’t use. Delete it! It is cluttering your phone and your mind by having it there. If you don’t see it, your mind won’t be cluttered with the thoughts of eventually using it one day. 
  2. Clean Up Your Facebook Newsfeed– we all have those friends that are negative nellies. Or those friends that always seem to be talking smack about others or causing drama. Delete them. Or… if you are really friends with them and want to keep up with them, just click on the three dots to the right of their name and click unfollow. This will keep their posts from popping up in your feed, but will keep you friends with them. (my example is someone I would not unfollow because she is super positive and posts stuff that keeps me on track) 
  3. Clean Up Your Email Inbox now I totally know how this sounds because I NEVER delete anything from my email. In fact, in the apps pic on #1, you will see I have 155 unread emails. I am definitely going through that today. BUT it still is daunting. That is my business email for this blog, so I have to go through that, but if you randomly sign up for emails, or get them from Amazon, or Kohls, or Target (can you tell I like shopping?), or you sign up for a contest, or you order something online… those emails can quickly clog up your inbox. There are a couple things you can do about that. First, you can go through ALL of those emails and delete everything. Which, I believe can be very therapeutic, LOL, but like I said, I don’t delete anything (as you will see by the 57,000+ unread emails in my gmail inbox in the pic below). That brings me to my second option, set up an email specifically for ordering things online, or signing up for contests. An email address that can catch all those unwanted or emails you won’t read everyday. 
  4. Throw Stuff Away– I have a habit of getting a piece of mail, or writing something down on a scrap piece of paper, and then just letting it sit on the desk or counter. Or receipts… my purse is full of receipts. Throw that stuff away! In fact, throw away anything that you don’t use. Is there a thing of chapstick in your purse that has been in there forever and you can’t bring yourself to throw it away? Do you flip through your wallet and have receipts falling out before you can get to the cash or debit cards? Throw them away. If you need them for returns or something, make a new spot (will talk about that in a future article as I declutter my home). Mail… go through it and open it beside the trash can so you can just toss the stuff you don’t need. 
  5. Empty Refrigerator– This thought in itself can be completely overwhelming for some people. Luckily, we have an RV refrigerator and it is small enough I have to keep up with this, but it doesn’t hurt to go through it anyway and check. If you have a larger fridge, there is inevitably something in there that needs tossed. Maybe some leftovers that are starting to get hairy, or just an old condiment that is sitting in the door of the refrigerator. Just go through, look at the dates on things, and toss the expired stuff! Simple as that! 

That is all for now! Super simple things you can do today to start to declutter your life. I am doing these today. If there is something else super simple that didn’t make this list, comment below or hop on over to our Facebook Page and find this post. We would love to hear from you! Also let us know how these 5 tips work for you!


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