5 Things to Remember when Traveling with Dogs


Traveling around and living the tramp life is just… simply put, awesome. Not only do Eric and I get to experience new places, people, and things, but our fur-babies do too!

Since we are very new to this whole traveling and living in a RV thing, I thought I would give you some tips that I have found out since we have been on the road. Things that you may or may not know, but need to remember to make traveling an enjoyable experience for you and your 4 legged babies.

1. Everything that is new to you, is also new to them. 


Now this may sound like it is a given. But, some people (I have noticed) get very frustrated when their dogs want to stop and smell everything. You have to remember that the area is new to them too. They learn by smell. They need to smell everything to get to know their environment. It isn’t a bad thing. Please don’t yell at your dog, but let them explore!


2. Stock up on doggie bags! 


We all know that dogs poo. They can go at anytime and anywhere. My dogs are on a pretty regular schedule, but sometimes, they just drop. Nothing is more frustrating to campground workers and the public than seeing a pile of dog poo just laying there. It’s frustrating to me as well. I am a pretty responsible pup owner and try my hardest to clean up after them all the time. Some of the campgrounds we have been to are very dog friendly and have a station with bags and a trash can set up specifically for this purpose. However, a lot of parks rely on you to do your part. So just make it a habit and always have a roll on hand!


3. Take them with you when you can. 


I am lucky enough to work from home and am with the babes nearly all day. Which is also a perk of tramping with my hubby. There are many places that your pets cannot go with you, like a restaurant or the pool, but there are many things you can do with your pets. If you go exploring in a town, take them for a walk with you. We were recently in Fernandina Beach, FL and they have an adorable little downtown on Amelia Island where dogs are welcome to walk with their parents. There are even shops that set out water bowls for them! If you are near a beach or ocean, most places allow your dogs on leashes. Make a day of it at the beach.

4. They will get bored. 


Leaving them home alone a lot or not paying attention to them will make them bored. It’s a fact of life. We get bored, so can they. Make sure you play with your pups and include them, otherwise what is the point of bringing them?




5. They like making new friends too. 


Like I mentioned earlier, there are some campgrounds that love having dogs around. They even set up a little dog park for their furry guests. If you do not find a park that has a dog park, search locally. Dog parks are becoming more popular as cities grow. Take them out to socialize. As long as you know your pet is not aggressive toward other dogs, let them go out and play! They need it too. But please remember, not all dogs are friendly towards others. Pay attention to your pets. Keep them on leashes until you know if the other dogs you encounter are friendly. The last thing you need while traveling is a horrible accident that leads to the vet for you or someone else. But, just as you like to meet people and have long chats, they like to meet other people and dogs too.

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