6 Essential Items for Full Time RVers

There are many reasons people become full time RVers. We chose this lifestyle because Eric is a Journeyman Lineman and travels a lot for work. It seemed easier to buy an RV and take it with us when we needed to pack up and move every year or two. Searching for apartments or houses for rent in new areas became harder and harder as the jobs were usually far away from where we were. So, we have been full timing it for two and a half years and have found some essential items I think all full timers need.

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1. CrockPot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

This has been one of the BEST purchases I have made thus far in our RV journey! Why you may be asking. Well, first of all, we are currently in Florida, and between the summer days getting to over 100 degrees and the humidity, sometimes making a home cooked dinner with the stove and oven in the RV, the temperature quickly rises and it almost gets unbearable. Yes there are air conditioners to help, but trust me on this one, when you are in a metal box with the heat rising, you won’t want to use the oven either!

Not only does this make everything in one pot, but you can use it as a quick cooker with the pressure cook option, or you can use it as a slow cooker. Both ways this multi-functional item is something that is sure to get used. And it gets used here often for those reasons and the fact that I sometimes forget to take meat out of the freezer. 😬 The pressure cooker option allows me to cook frozen meat and it come out perfect everytime!

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2. Collapsible Laundry Baskets

Let’s face it, there is only so much room in an RV. And honestly I absolutely LOVE that fact. But if you are used to having a large home, or even a small home, and move into an RV, you are gonna be short on space. One thing that is particularly hard to find a place for is laundry baskets. The closets are only so big and definitely aren’t made to store laundry baskets in. These collapsible laundry baskets have been such a life saver. All I need to do is pop them closed and store them hanging on the wall or under the bed.

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3. 30/50 AMP Surge Protector

This right here, if nothing else, you absolutely NEED this. Let me tell you why. Just a couple weeks ago, we had a very bad lightning storm. In fact it was so close to us that only 3 camp sites down from us got hit right outside their door. Which then in turn knocked out all of the power to the campground. The having no power doesn’t bother us at all because my husband is a lineman and we understand the concept of how fixing it works. But what did get us was not only did it knock everything out because it was so very close, it actually fried our tv in the living room, along with the FireStick that was attached to it.

Ok, so I am telling you about a surge protector but it fried our tv anyway. I am thankful for ONLY  a fried tv. If we didn’t have that surge protector, absolutely everything electronic in our RV would have been fried. All of the tvs, my animation computer along with my tablet and screens, the electronic system in the RV itself. It would have been bad.

That lightning storm was a freak storm, I will say that, but storms happen. The powerlines get knocked out and it kicks everything off. I bet you have a small surge protector outlet bar somewhere in your home right now. Why? To help protect your electronics. This big one on the outside of your RV will take care of that for you! Also, the one we have from Progressive Industries, has AMAZING customer service. That lightning storm I just told you about, also fried the surge protector. I contacted them and within a day, they shipped us out a brand new one for free. So, don’t take this one lightly, invest in one now.

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4. Coffee Pot

So, this one is really only a necessity if you are a coffee addict like myself. I drink about a half a pot of coffee a day. 😂 Yes, you read that right. After several coffee pots and a keurig in the RV, I have found that this particular coffee pot has been a lifesaver. Let me tell you why…. I have broken a glass coffee pot by dropping it, I have worried about leaving the coffee pot on causing a fire, I have worried about tripping my breakers using the keurig… the list could probably go on and on becuase I am definitely a scatter brain. So I suggest this coffee maker. If you want to know exactly why besides the reasons above, check out my other post: The Best Coffee Maker for Your RV

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5. Portable Generator

If you will be full timing in an RV without a built in generator, you are definitely going to want to invest in a portable one. There are several reasons you are going to want one. You know the lightning storm I mentioned above? Power can get knocked out at any time, for any period of time. When living in an RV, I mentioned before, it can warm up in there rather quickly. Especially if you are in the south. Or even vice versa in the north and the cold. We have been in both extremes and the generator has come in handy. We used it last year when the Cleveland Indians were in the World Series and our power went out while watching the game. We fired it right up and watched the rest of the game!

It is also nice to have if you are going to be doing any boondocking. Which we have also done on the beach and used the generator to have power at night. You do need to check your specifics and know what the generator you choose will run. You don’t want to overpower a smaller generator. But this is definitely a good investment for a full time RVer.

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6. Comfortable Outdoor Set-Up

Ok… so this isn’t just one item, but having a cozy outdoor set up can be the best thing you ever do. Most campgrounds you go to have scenic views that are awesome and it is worth having things you can relax with. Here are a few items that we have: zero gravity chairs, collapsible end tables, double sided outdoor mat, and a Thermacell Bug Repeller.

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Let me know what you would add to this list in the comments below!

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