AMAZING News for Parents of Kids with Autism and Special Needs

Being an aunt of a niece on the autism spectrum, this is amazing news. Chuck E Cheese has opened up its doors to include kids that have autism and special needs.

On their website it says, “Chuck E. Cheese’s is proud to support families who have children with autism and special needs. We now offer a sensory-friendly experience on the first Sunday of every month. Our trained and caring staff is there to make sure each guest has a fun filled visit.”

The Sensory Sensitive Sundays experience includes:

1. Less crowding and noise

2. Dimmed lighting

3. Show and music turned off or down

4. Limited appearances by Chuck E.

5. Food and games are offered

They also say to check HERE if your location offers this amazing time.

PLEASE share this so we can get the word out. I know there are many families out there that would benefit from this so their child too can go “where a kid can be a kid”.

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