DIY Natural Dry Dog Shampoo & Carpet Deodorizer

You never know all the smells that accumulate in your home until you travel full time in a 400 square foot 5th wheel camper with two 50 pound dogs. Plus a husband who works outside in 90 degree heat 6 days a week. 😂 But he can get a shower everyday, and the pups can’t.

There are many products on the market for “freshening” the home from candles and wax melts that cover up the scents to sprays and powders full of chemicals. After learning some of the side effects to humans as well as dogs, I have begun to switch our life over to more natural products.

As I was searching for an all natural DIY dog shampoo, I came across a few recipes for dry dog shampoo. I remember seeing recipes before for a DIY carpet deodorizer as well. So I looked them both up again and mixed them together since they are similar and came up with this recipe.

If you have a old spice shaker or even old washed out Parmesan cheese container, you can store it in for easy sprinkling. Or you can get these shakers on Amazon.

Sprinkle on pups and fluff it in their hair. Also sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum up to help deodorize the carpet! If you want to follow up by brushing your pup, I recommend the furmanator dog brush. It will help de-shed your dog like you wouldn’t even believe!

You may be asking why you need a dry shampoo for dogs. It is recommended to bathe your dog only once a month because the dogs skin can dry out and cause more problems. They have natural oils on their skin and fur to help protect them and we don’t want to mess too much with their natural balance. Also the lavender and peppermint oils will help deter bugs like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. This is nice because I no longer use the flea and tick topical applications because of the harmful chemicals.

If you aren’t sure where to start with essential oils, I like Simply Earth essential oils. They are guaranteed to be 100% pure because they are 3rd party tested, and 13% of the profit from your purchase goes to helping end human trafficking. Not only are you helping a good cause by purchasing high quality oils, but they are also fairly inexpensive (as little as $4.99 a bottle). To learn more, check out the Simply Earth Website.

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