The Kindness Army is Recruiting

Mission Fat Hearts, the Animated Movie for Children 
that can Change the World with Kindness

(March 21, 2019) – Armies aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of spreading peace and love. There is an army coming soon that will do precisely that. Mission Fat Hearts aims to create the ‘kindness army’ with its first animated movie by the same name. The project is seeking crowdfunding for production of Mission Fat Hearts on Indiegogo.

Rebecca Yee-Peters, the creator of The Adventures of Pookie, a children’s book series, is collaborating with school teacher Mandy Rohr to produce Mission Fat Hearts, an animated film intended to inspire kids to become the army of change in the world.

The Mission Fat Hearts animated movie will show kids that being kind can change the world. The movie will show kids how they can perform small acts of kindness, as well as the effect it can have on someone’s life,” says Rebecca.

The animated movie will star Pookie, Kisa the Elf, Santa and Thor, characters from the Adventures of Pookie book series. The story revolves around Santa who wants to spread more joy in the holiday season, and distributes secret missions to kids, who are now tasked with doing small and random acts of kindness.

For co-creator Mandy Rohr, the motivation to do the movie comes from realizing that the world today needs kindness more than ever. Children are inspired by and imitate what they see on television and other media, and thus adults should play a role in nurturing values such as empathy, kindness and good manners.

Mission Fat Heart needs generous hearts to supply it with the funds needed to make a movie. The contributions will go towards making possible every aspect of the movie and bringing its message to life. The aim is to raise $15,000 as the first goal.

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