Where Has Christmas Gone?

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I grew up in Northeast Ohio and we always had snow for Christmas, which to me made the season even more magical. Along with the lights, the music, the cookies, the movies, the gifts… it was all part of this big dreamlike world.

Being the oldest sibling, I experienced a lot of things before my sisters. One that included finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real. I remember that Christmas. I had asked Santa for a bell off of his sleigh. I woke up that morning excited, yet scared of finding out something that would change my world.

My parents did a good job trying to get me what I asked for. They gave me a cute little ornament that was a wreath with a couple bells on it (in fact I think we still have it). It had a note from Santa attached saying sadly he couldn’t give me one of the ones off of his sleigh because he needed them.

That’s when I stopped believing in Santa. However, that did not stop me from believing in the magic of Christmas time. Growing up in the church, I also believe in Jesus, and celebrate his birth at Christmas time. This I think has helped me keep the enchanting spirit of Christmas alive in my own life.

But today I sit and ask myself “where has Christmas gone?”

I love to help people and give as much as I can because I know I am blessed and have extra to share. That used to be the norm while I was growing up. Everyone used to be so helpful and generous to others who needed it. It wasn’t something that was questioned.

As each year goes by, the song from the 2000 movie The Grinch, “Where are you Christmas?” hits home even more. I feel the magic of Christmas slipping away as the commercialism of the holiday slips in. Everyone try’s to outdo each other with gifts and parties. What happened to the simple idea of family and friends? What happened to the spirit of love thy neighbor? What happened to the giving and helping the needy and unfortunate?

It makes my heart cry when I see the judgements and pettiness of people as they spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gifts just to one up their kids’ friends parents. It makes my heart break when I see presents piled as high as the ceiling under peoples trees, while I see a single parent struggling to buy one present for their child that they really want.

Having 11 nieces and nephews, I see their attitudes toward Christmas, not because their parents aren’t teaching them the love and joy of the season (because they are), but because the commercialism of the holiday has overwhelmed their minds to believe it is all about the gifts they are getting.

Where has the Christmas joy gone to where we would rather be more excited about giving presents to others than what we are getting?

It is up to us. We need to teach the future generations that being kind to one another is not some foreign concept. It’s something that we should do everyday. If you want to learn more about how to do this through the Christmas season and the whole year, join us on our Facebook page for MISSION FAT HEARTS. Read more on our website about why Mission Fat Hearts was started and how you can get involved. ❤️


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