Housewife Hack: Quality Delivered to Your Front Door

Want to make your life easier? Like the answer to that will be no!

Anyway… You know how all these different companies are putting together boxes to ship to you? Well, I found one that is AMAZING!

I hate to grocery shop. Mostly because I end up spending WAY more than I should. And let’s face it, when I started a healthier lifestyle and stopped buying the “boxed” foods, the grocery bill went sky high! Especially for fresh items such as produce and meats. I really don’t like looking for meats because there is no real way of knowing where its coming from, how long its been on the shelf, how long it will last once you get it home, etc.

So a friend told me about this box. It is called Butcher Box. It is 100% grass fed meat. And it is cheaper than the grass fed meats you will find in the stores because they partner with small farms.


I was a little skeptical at first. I worried about the quality since I couldn’t see it like I could in the stores, but I was really having a hard time finding quality meats in the store. So, we tried it. Needless to say, I was impressed. Eric even really enjoyed the taste of the meats as well. So we are now customers for life. Our most favorite of all of the products is the bacon! I was never a bacon person because it just wasn’t that tasty to me, but holy cow, I will never eat a different kind of bacon again!


They package it up in this cute little re-usable bag that is insulated. They send all the meat in a box with dry ice and it is frozen upon arrival. It fills up our freezer and we get about a month’s worth of meat for WAY LESS than I would in the store.

If you want $10 off and some FREE bacon, click HERE and try it out!

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