Wondering Wednesday

Feeling compelled to write today, but I don’t really have a topic in mind. I am doing a little soul searching and trying to figure out where I want my businesses to go from here. It’s not easy when you have dedicated years of your life to something and suddenly don’t feel called to it anymore.

My life has taken many directions since I graduated high school in 2001. I went to college with the idea of getting my Bachelor’s in business management and a minor in music theory. That took a turn quickly when I felt called to do ministry. I changed colleges and majors and studied Youth Ministry. Graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry, I was offered a job 1,000 miles away in Missouri. What did I do? Took the job of course! Not many college graduates are offered a $35,000 a year job with full benefits and moving expenses right out the door. So, I packed up and moved within a month of accepting the job. Leaving my family and friends behind and starting on a new venture in a new state.

That job lasted 6 months. Not only did I realize my passion was helping people in a different manner, but I realized there were way more politics in a ministry setting then I was willing to work with. Got a job at a children’s psychiatric hospital and worked with some amazing people. The job was something I loved doing and it was still helping kids, in a different capacity. I decided to move back to Ohio about a year later. Finding a job back in my home state was harder than I ever imagined. I had a degree which most companies wanted. I was frustrated and depressed. On and on the cycle went as we moved around. We moved, I looked for a new job.

Jobs are jobs. Nothing I wanted to do from that point on, but things I had to do to make money. When I was about to turn 30, I had a mental break down. I felt like a failure because I wasn’t doing anything important with my life. That is when I started writing. I had 10 nieces and nephews at that point, the majority of which were learning to read. So I wrote and illustrated fun stories about my dog, Pookie, that they could enjoy. They did. And I enjoyed doing it. I found my passion. I was still helping kids like my heart was called to do, but again in a different capacity, but one that set my heart on fire.

Is finding your passion in life as easy as that? Doing something you love to do? YES! It is!

Why did it take me that long to figure it out? Why are we taught all our life to work work work and get a job, get a job, get a job? What is wrong with following our passions to live life?

Honestly, I think somewhere along the line, life hits you and you have to make money. You have to pay your bills. You have to eat. Then you have a family, and you have to provide a house, food, and stability for your family. And you fall into this endless cycle of work for money. Yes, making money to provide for your family is great! I am not saying quit your job right now and have no income. I am saying, follow your heart. Do you truly love what you do? If so, GREAT! You are one of the lucky ones in life. But if you do not like your job, look inside yourself and find what makes you happy. Maybe its just a hobby on the side doing crafts for craft shows. Or maybe its painting or fishing or hiking or cooking.

I think I am seeing where I am going with this brain dump of a writing time. You need to make time for yourself. You need to do something you love to do simply for the pleasure of doing it. If you can make it into a business, awesome. If you just want to hobby around, hobby away! But, make sure you aren’t stifling your heart and your passions because there is too much going on.

This may not be the best thing I have ever written, but it certainly helped me work through some things in my head. And if it helps one other person do the same then it was totally worth the time it took to write this.


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